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2014 World Congress on Coloured Sheep

In 1974, after Oregon's Willamette Valley black sheep growers talked about developing a way to meet fellow shepherds to exchange ideas and breeding stock, Sachiye Jones founded the
Black Sheep Newsletter. The newsletter was to provide a medium where sheep growers could find markets for their fleeces and a forum where experiences, ideas and related information, could be exchanged with sheep growers on the West Coast as well as throughout the country and eventually overseas.

From the beginning the newsletter was meant to be an open forum - reader written - providing useful dialogue for both spinners and shepherds. The newsletter serves the spinner and weaver by providing farm sources for a variety of handspinning fleeces and by sharing tales of shepherding sheep.

Over the years the contributors have not only been shepherds and spinners sharing their experiences and knowledge, but renowned scientists, geneticists and veterinarians, as well, have offered their insights on the latest theories and technologies.

Keeping with the wishes of the founder, today the Black Sheep Newsletter is much the same-friendly, almost family style, international forum, not a slick, overly commercial publication.

The Black Sheep Newsletter
25455 NW Dixie Mtn Rd • Scappoose, OR 97056
email: BSNewsltr@aol.com

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